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NORDIC – dansk børnestrik

OH My!

I just found MY copy of NORDIC – Danish children knit in my mailbox!

OH – what a wonderful beautiful work of @lisehoyer and @knit_by_trinep (and co.).

It’s really a pleasure to browse through the book’s delicious pages and breathe abundance of the most beautiful moodful pictures of children with beautiful knitwear and nice children’s clothes.

It has truly been an honor to be part of the project.

UPDATE! I’ve heard that it’s already in press for the second time!

Read more about the book and “behind the scenes” at www.knitbytrinep.com.

IF there are more copies, it may, for example, be purchased at www.saxo.com.

It is only printed in Danish for the time being.

Buy it right here


Happy knitting!

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